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The Content of the Site is provided as an information guide only and should not be relied upon as a substitute for your own research or independent advice. The capital city is Hamilton. Bermuda has had one Olympic medallist, Clarence Hill , who won a bronze medal in boxing.

Bermuda Catamaran Sail and Snorkel Tour. Meet your guide at the center of Heritage Wharf and hop on the huge catamaran. Spend about an hour sailing around the island, as your guide points out places of interest and shares historical anecdotes about Bermuda.
A broad ridge of high pressure will continue to bring fair to fine conditions through Friday. Winds will gradually increase moderate to strong on Friday as Tropical Storm Michael passes northwest of Bermuda on Friday while gradually making a post-tropical transition through this weekend.
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Bermuda Catamaran Sail and Snorkel Tour. Meet your guide at the center of Heritage Wharf and hop on the huge catamaran. Spend about an hour sailing around the island, as your guide points out places of interest and shares historical anecdotes about Bermuda.

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Bermuda has a humid subtropical climate [9] [40] Köppen Cfa. Bermuda is warmed by the nearby Gulf Stream , and low latitude. Bermuda is in the hurricane belt.

Along the Gulf Stream, it is often directly in the path of hurricanes recurving in the westerlies, although they usually begin to weaken as they approach Bermuda, whose small size means that direct landfalls of hurricanes are rare. The most recent hurricanes to cause significant damage to Bermuda were category 2 Hurricane Gonzalo on 18 October and category 3 Hurricane Nicole on 14 October , both of which struck the island directly.

Before that, Hurricane Fabian on 5 September was the last major hurricane to hit Bermuda directly. The only source of fresh water in Bermuda is rainfall, which is collected on roofs and catchments or drawn from underground lenses and stored in tanks. Each dwelling usually has at least one of these tanks forming part of its foundation.

The law requires that each household collect rainwater that is piped down from the roof of each house. The average annual temperature of the Atlantic Ocean around Bermuda is Bermuda is on the same parallel as the Portuguese archipelago Madeira a few time zones farther east in the Atlantic. The two archipelagos are the only land in the Atlantic on the 32nd parallel north. When discovered, Bermuda was uninhabited and mostly dominated by forests of Bermuda cedar , with mangrove marshes along its shores.

Only of the island's current 1, vascular plant species are considered native ; fifteen of those, including the eponymous cedar, are endemic. The semi-tropical climate of Bermuda allowed settlers to introduce many species of trees and plants to the island. Today, many types of palm trees, fruit trees, and bananas grow on Bermuda.

The only indigenous mammals of Bermuda are five species of bats, all of which are also found in the eastern United States: Lasionycteris noctivagans , Lasiurus borealis , Lasiurus cinereus , Lasiurus seminolus and Perimyotis subflavus.

The cahow is important as an example of a Lazarus species, hence the government has a programme to protect it, including the restoration of a habitat area. The Bermuda rock skink was long thought to have been the only indigenous land vertebrate of Bermuda, discounting the marine turtles that lay their eggs on its beaches. However, scientists have recently discovered through genetic DNA studies that a species of turtle , the diamondback terrapin , previously thought to have been introduced to the archipelago, actually pre-dated the arrival of humans.

Bermuda's Census put Bermuda's population at 64, and, with an area of The island experienced large-scale immigration over the 20th century, especially after the Second World War. Bermuda has a diverse population including both those with relatively deep roots in Bermuda extending back for centuries, and newer communities whose ancestry results from recent immigration, especially from Britain, North America, the West Indies, and the Portuguese Atlantic islands especially the Azores , although these groups are steadily merging.

The number of people born in the West Indies actually increased by The deeper ancestral demography of Bermuda's population has been obscured by the ethnic homogenisation of the last four centuries. For the first hundred years of settlement, white Protestants of English heritage were the distinct majority, with white minorities of Irish the native language of many of whom can be assumed to have been Gaelic and Scots sent to Bermuda after the English invasions of their homelands that followed the English Civil War.

Non-white minorities included Spanish-speaking, free indentured blacks from the West Indies like the Irish, presumably Catholics , black chattel slaves primarily captured from Spanish and Portuguese ships by Bermudian privateers , and Native Americans, primarily from the Algonquian and other tribes of the Atlantic seaboard , but possibly from as far away as Mexico.

By the 19th century, the white ethnically-English Bermudians had lost their numerical advantage. The majority white-Anglo population, or at least its elites, became alarmed very early at the increasing numbers of Irish and non-whites. Despite the banning of the importation of Irish after they were perceived to be the leaders of a foiled uprising by Irish and coloured slaves, the passing of a law against miscegenation in , and the first of a succession of attempts to force free blacks to emigrate in in response to an uprising by enslaved blacks , and frequent encouragement of the owners of black slaves to export them, by the Eighteenth Century, the merging of the various minority groups, along with some of the white English, had resulted in a new demographic group, "coloured" which term, in Bermuda, referred to anyone not wholly of European ancestry Bermudians, gaining a slight majority.

Any child born prior to or since that time to one coloured and one white parent has been added to the coloured statistic. Most of those historically described as "coloured" are today described as "black", or "of African heritage", which obscures their non-African heritage those previously described as "coloured" who were not of African ancestry had been very few, though the numbers of South Asians, particularly, is now growing.

The number of persons born in Asian countries doubled between the and the censuses , blacks have remained in the majority, with new white immigration from Portugal, Britain and elsewhere countered by black immigration from the West Indies.

The Population of Bermuda in included 4, whites men; 1, boys; 1, women; 1, girls and 3, coloured men; 1, boys; women; girls. By the permanent population not including the thousands of sailors and soldiers stationed in the colony included 4, whites 2, males; 2, females and 7, coloured 3, males and 4, females.

Bermuda's modern black population contains more than one demographic group, with West Indian Bermudians those with a substantial ancestry resulting from the surge of immigration from the West Indies over the Twentieth Century forming a distinct sub-group. Although the number of residents born in Africa is very small, it has tripled between and this group also includes non-blacks.

The majority of blacks in Bermuda can be termed "Bermudian blacks", whose ancestry dates back centuries between the 17th century and the end of slavery in , Bermuda's black population was self-sustaining, with its growth resulting largely from natural expansion.

This contrasts to the enslaved blacks of the plantation colonies, who were subjected to conditions so harsh as to drop their birth rate below the death rate, and slaveholders in the West Indies found it necessary to continue importing more enslaved blacks from Africa until the end of slavery the same had been true for the Native Americans that the Africans had replaced on the New World plantations.

The indigenous populations of many West Indian islands, and much of the South-East of what is now the United States that had survived the 16th- and 17th-century epidemics of European-introduced diseases then became the victims of large-scale slave raiding, with much of the region completely depopulated. When the supply of indigenous slaves ran out, the slaveholders looked to Africa. The ancestry of Bermuda's black population is distinguished from that of the British West Indian black population in two ways: In the British West Indian islands and also in the southern continental colonies that were to become states of the United States of America , the majority of enslaved blacks brought across the Atlantic came from West Africa roughly between modern Senegal and Ghana.

Very little of Bermuda's original black emigration came directly or indirectly from this area. The first blacks to arrive in Bermuda in any numbers were free blacks who came in the mid-Seventeenth Century from Spanish-speaking areas of the West Indies, and most of the remainder were recently enslaved Africans captured from the Spanish and Portuguese.

As Spain and Portugal sourced most of their slaves from South-West Africa the Portuguese through ports in modern-day Angola; the Spanish purchased most of their African slaves from Portuguese traders, and from Arabs whose slave trading was centred in Zanzibar. The only genetic survey of Bermuda, which looked exclusively at the black population of St. David's Island as the purpose of the study was to seek Native American haplogroups, which could be assumed to be absent from the white population consequently showed that the African ancestry of black Bermudians other than those resulting from recent immigration from the British West Indian islands is largely from a band across southern Africa, from Angola to Mozambique, which is similar to what is revealed in Latin America, but distinctly different from the blacks of the West Indies and the United States.

They are, however, common in Brazil and the Spanish-speaking countries of Latin America. L3e, by example, is typical of! Kung speaking populations of the Kalahari, as well as of parts of Mozambique and Nigeria. It should be noted that none of these percentages can be taken as equivalent to the percentage of ancestry in the black population from the specific regions as genetic drift tends to erase minority haplogroups over generations.

This explains the near absence of Native American haplogroups despite the hundreds of Native Americans known to have been involuntarily brought to Bermuda in the Seventeenth Century.

Most of Bermuda's black population trace some of their ancestry to Native Americans, although awareness of this is largely limited to St David's Islanders and most who have such ancestry are unaware of it. During the colonial period, hundreds of Native Americans were shipped to Bermuda. The best-known examples were the Algonquian peoples who were exiled from the southern New England colonies and sold into slavery in the 17th century, notably in the aftermaths of the Pequot and King Philip's wars.

During the early decades of the Twentieth Century, following large numbers of British West Indians immigrating to perform manual labour at the Royal Naval Dockyard, immigration rules in Bermuda were made ever more restrictive to stem the tide of non-whites coming from other British colonies.

After the Second World War, the white-dominated government slackened the immigration rules in the hope of encouraging the immigration of more whites to offset the immigration that had already taken place from the West Indies. The growth of Bermuda's international business sector after the war created a surplus of jobs that few blacks had the educational qualifications to apply for, resulting in a steady flood of mostly white expatriate workers coming primarily from Britain, Canada and the United States, although most of these arrivals were not to become permanent inhabitants as their residency was time limited by their work permits.

They are primarily engaged in specialised professions such as accounting, finance, and insurance. Others are employed in various trades, such as hotels, restaurants, construction, and landscaping services.

Noting that Bermudians of Portuguese heritage have made considerable contributions to the Island — from politics and public service, to sport, entertainment and industry — Premier Edward David Burt announced that 4 November "will be declared a public holiday to mark the th anniversary of the arrival of the first Portuguese immigrants in Bermuda. The predominant language on Bermuda is Bermudian English. Perhaps most interesting is its closeness to acrolectal English compared to varieties in the West Indies.

British English spellings and conventions are used in print media and formal written communications. Portuguese is also spoken in Bermuda; [53] this is owing to immigration from Portugal , particularly from the Azores , as well as from Cape Verde. Religion in Bermuda [55].

Executive authority in Bermuda is vested in the monarch and is exercised on her behalf by the Governor. The governor is appointed by the Queen on the advice of the British Government. The current governor is John Rankin ; he was sworn in on 5 December It must approve any changes to the Constitution of Bermuda.

Bermuda is classified as a British Overseas Territory, but it is the oldest British colony. The Constitution of Bermuda came into force on 1 June ; it was amended in and The head of government is the premier. A cabinet is nominated by the premier and appointed officially by the governor. The legislative branch consists of a bicameral parliament modelled on the Westminster system.

The Senate is the upper house, consisting of 11 members appointed by the governor on the advice of the premier and the leader of the opposition. The House of Assembly , or lower house, has 36 members, elected by the eligible voting populace in secret ballot to represent geographically defined constituencies. Elections must be called at no more than five-year intervals. The most recent took place on 18 July There are few accredited diplomats in Bermuda.

Dierman, who took office in June The American diplomatic presence is an important element in the Bermuda political landscape. Bermuda is divided into nine parishes and two incorporated municipalities. George's are neighbourhoods; Dandy Town and North Village are sports clubs, and Harbour View Village is a small public housing development. As a British Overseas Territory, Bermuda does not have a seat in the United Nations ; it is represented by Britain in matters of foreign affairs.

To promote its economic interests abroad, Bermuda maintains representative offices in cities such as London [62] and Washington, D. Eisenhower and French Premier Joseph Laniel.

In , a second summit conference was held. The British Prime Minister, Harold Macmillan , arrived earlier than President Eisenhower, to demonstrate they were meeting on British territory, as tensions were still high regarding the previous year's conflict over the Suez Canal.

Macmillan returned in for the third summit with President John F. The meeting was called to discuss Cold War tensions arising from construction of the Berlin Wall. Direct meetings between the President of the United States and the Premier of Bermuda have been rare.

Bermuda has also joined several other nations in efforts to protect the Sargasso Sea. They were accused of training to assist the Taliban 's military.

In September , the men were cleared of all suspicion and Judge Ricardo Urbina in Washington ordered their release. Congressional opposition to their admittance to the United States was very strong [69] and the US failed to find a home for them until Bermuda and Palau agreed to accept the 22 men in June The secret bilateral discussions that led to prisoner transfers between the US and the devolved Bermuda government sparked diplomatic ire from the United Kingdom, which was not consulted on the move despite Bermuda being a British territory.

The British Foreign Office issued the following statement:. We've underlined to the Bermuda Government that they should have consulted with the United Kingdom as to whether this falls within their competence or is a security issue, for which the Bermuda Government do not have delegated responsibility.

We have made clear to the Bermuda Government the need for a security assessment, which we are now helping them to carry out, and we will decide on further steps as appropriate.

However, granting them Bermudian status would require a change in Bermudian laws, and the issue has prompted a major debate within Bermuda's parliament on what steps should be taken.

Bermuda has minimal trade with the Caribbean region, and little in common with it economically, being roughly a thousand miles from the Caribbean Sea; it joined CARICOM primarily to strengthen cultural links with the region. Among some scholars, [ who? It embraces the islands and parts of the neighbouring continent, and may be extended to include the Caribbean Diaspora overseas. It had a history of African slavery, although Britain abolished it decades before the US.

Since the 20th century, there has been considerable immigration to Bermuda from the West Indies , as well as continued immigration from Portuguese Atlantic islands. Unlike immigrants from British colonies in the West Indies, the latter immigrants have had greater difficulty in becoming permanent residents as they lacked British citizenship, mostly spoke no English, and required renewal of work permits to remain beyond an initial period.

From the s onwards, Bermuda relaxed its immigration laws, allowing increased immigration from Britain and Canada. Some Black politicians accused the government of using this device to counter the West Indian immigration of previous decades. The prominent roles of West Indians among Bermuda's black politicians and labour activists predated party politics in Bermuda, as exemplified by Dr.

They have emphasised Bermuda's cultural connections with the West Indies. Many Bermudians, both black and white, who lack family connections to the West Indies have objected to this emphasis. For the first two centuries of settlement, the most potent armed force operating from Bermuda was its merchant shipping fleet, which turned to privateering at every opportunity.

The Bermuda government maintained a local militia. Once the Royal Navy established a base and dockyard defended by regular soldiers, however, the militias were disbanded following the War of At the end of the 19th century, the colony raised volunteer units to form a reserve for the military garrison. Due to its isolated location in the North Atlantic Ocean , Bermuda was vital to the Allies' war effort during both world wars of the 20th century, serving as a marshalling point for trans-Atlantic convoys, as well as a naval air base.

Bermuda and Newfoundland were not originally included in the agreement, but both were added to it, with no war material received by the UK in exchange.

Construction began in of two airbases consisting of 5. Although leased for 99 years, US forces withdrew in , as part of the wave of base closures following the end of the Cold War.

A small Royal Navy supply base, HMS Malabar , continued to operate within the dockyard area, supporting transiting Royal Navy ships and submarines until it, too, was closed in , along with the American and Canadian bases.

When promoted to Brigadier at age 39, following his wounding at the Anzio landings , Harvey became the youngest-ever Royal Marine Brigadier. The Cenotaph in front of the Cabinet Building in Hamilton was erected in tribute to Bermuda's Great War dead the tribute was later extended to Bermuda's Second World War dead and is the site of the annual Remembrance Day commemoration.

Today, the only military unit remaining in Bermuda, other than naval and army cadet corps, is the Bermuda Regiment , an amalgam of the voluntary units originally formed toward the end of the 19th century. Although the Regiment's predecessors were voluntary units, the modern body is formed primarily by conscription: In the country switched its currency from the Bermudian pound to the Bermudian dollar , which is pegged at par with the US dollar.

US notes and coins are used interchangeably with Bermudian notes and coins within the islands for most practical purposes; however, banks levy an exchange rate fee for the purchase of US dollars with Bermudian dollars. The Bermuda Monetary Authority is the issuing authority for all banknotes and coins, and regulates financial institutions.

The affordability of housing became a prominent issue during Bermuda's business peak in but has softened with the decline of Bermuda's real estate prices.

It has one of the highest consumption taxes in the world and taxes all imports in lieu of an income tax system. Bermuda's consumption tax is equivalent to local income tax to local residents and funds government and infrastructure expenditures. The local tax system depends upon import duties, payroll taxes and consumption taxes.

The legal system is derived from that of the United Kingdom, with recourse to English courts of final appeal. Foreign private individuals cannot easily open bank accounts or subscribe to mobile phone or internet services.

Having no corporate income tax, Bermuda is a popular tax avoidance location. Government employment, off-shore business, and tourism are the largest sectors of Bermuda's economy.

Large numbers of leading international insurance companies operate in Bermuda. In total, over 15, exempted or international companies are currently registered with the Registrar of Companies in Bermuda, most of which hold no office space or employees. There are four hundred securities listed on the stock exchange, of which almost three hundred are offshore funds and alternative investment structures attracted by Bermuda's regulatory environment. The Exchange specialises in listing and trading of capital market instruments such as equities, debt issues, funds including hedge fund structures and depository receipt programmes.

Other significant sources of visitors are from Canada and the United Kingdom. Tourists arrive either by cruise ship or by air at L. Wade International Airport , the only airport on the island. Healthcare is another industry where expats are able to find employment relatively easily. The Bermuda Education Act requires that only three categories of schools can operate in the Bermuda Education system:.

Warwick Academy was established in and is in the parish of Warwick. Prior to , the Bermuda school system was racially segregated. When the desegregation of schools was enacted in , two of the formerly maintained "white" schools and both single-sex schools opted to become private schools.

The rest became part of the public school system and were either aided or maintained. An Alternative Programme is provided for students with behavioural challenges who cannot function in the public mainstream. There is one aided primary school, two aided middle schools, and one aided senior school. For higher education, the Bermuda College offers various associate degrees and other certificate programmes. Bermuda's graduates usually attend four-year universities in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom.

Bermuda's membership enabled Bermudian students to enter the University at an agreed upon subsidised rate by UWI also agreed that their Open Campus online degree courses would become open to Bermudian students in the future, with Bermuda becoming the 13th country to have access to the Open Campus.

Bermuda's culture is a mixture of the various sources of its population: Native American, Spanish-Caribbean, English, Irish, and Scots cultures were evident in the 17th century, and became part of the dominant British culture.

English is the primary and official language. Due to years of immigration from Portuguese Atlantic islands primarily the Azores , though also from Madeira and the Cape Verde Islands , a portion of the population also speaks Portuguese.

There are strong British influences, together with Afro-Caribbean ones. A second wave of immigration from the West Indies was sustained throughout the 20th century; the more recent arrivals have primarily come from English-speaking countries, also bringing aspects of their cultures.

This new infusion of West Indians has both accelerated social and political change, and diversified Bermuda's culture. The first notable, and historically important, book credited to a Bermudian was The History of Mary Prince , a slave narrative by Mary Prince. It is thought to have contributed to the abolition of slavery in the British Empire.

Ernest Graham Ingham , an expatriate author, published his books at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. In the 20th century, numerous books were written and published locally, though few were directed at a wider market than Bermuda. The latter consisted primarily of scholarly works rather than creative writing. The novelist Brian Burland — achieved a degree of success and acclaim internationally.

More recently, Angela Barry has won critical recognition for her published fiction. Bermuda's proximity to the United States, as well as its origin as part of Virginia , means that many aspects of US culture are reflected in, or incorporated into, Bermudian culture.

Many non-Bermudian writers have also made Bermuda their home, or have had homes here, including A. Van Wyck Mason , who wrote on Bermudian subjects. Other native or resident film and television figures in Bermuda include producer Arthur Rankin, Jr. Music and dance are an important part of Bermudian culture. West Indian musicians introduced calypso music when Bermuda's tourist industry was expanded with the increase of visitors brought by post-Second World War aviation.

While calypso appealed more to tourists than to the local residents, reggae has been embraced by many Bermudians since the s with the influx of Jamaican immigrants. Noted Bermudian musicians include operatic tenor Dr. Gary Burgess; jazz pianist Lance Hayward ; singer-songwriter and poet, Heather Nova , and her brother Mishka , reggae musician; classical musician and conductor Kenneth Amis ; and more recently, dancehall artist Collie Buddz. The dances of the colourful Gombey dancers, seen at many events, are strongly influenced by African, Caribbean, Native American and British cultural traditions.

Bermuda's early literature was limited to the works of non-Bermudian writers commenting on the islands. Bermuda is the only place name in the New World that is alluded to in the works of Shakespeare ; it is mentioned in his play The Tempest , in Act 1, Scene 2, line Local artwork may be viewed at several galleries around Bermuda, and watercolours painted by local artists are also on sale.

Alfred Birdsey was one of the more famous and talented watercolourists; his impressionistic landscapes of Hamilton , St George's , and the surrounding sailboats, homes, and bays of Bermuda, are world-renowned. Hand-carved cedar sculptures are another speciality. In , his sculpture We Arrive was unveiled in Barr's Bay Park, overlooking Hamilton Harbour , to commemorate the freeing of slaves in from the American brig Enterprise.

Local resident Tom Butterfield founded the Masterworks Museum of Bermuda Art in , initially featuring works about Bermuda by artists from other countries. He has increasingly supported the development of local artists, arts education, and the arts scene. Bermuda hosts an annual international film festival, which shows many independent films. One of the founders is film producer and director Arthur Rankin, Jr.

Bermudian model Gina Swainson was crowned " Miss World " in Many sports popular today were formalised by British Public schools and universities in the 19th century. These schools produced the civil servants and military and naval officers required to build and maintain the British empire , and team sports were considered a vital tool for training their students to think and act as part of a team. Former public schoolboys continued to pursue these activities, and founded organisations such as the Football Association FA.

Today's association of football with the working classes began in when the FA changed its rules to allow professional players. The professionals soon displaced the amateur ex-Public schoolboys. Bermuda's role as the primary Royal Navy base in the Western Hemisphere, with an army garrison to match, ensured that the naval and military officers quickly introduced the newly formalised sports to Bermuda, including cricket, football , rugby football , and even tennis and rowing rowing did not adapt well from British rivers to the stormy Atlantic.

The officers soon switched to sail racing , founding the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club. Once these sports reached Bermuda, they were eagerly adopted by Bermudians. Bermuda were knocked out of the World Cup.

Also very well-known is David Hemp , a former captain of Glamorgan in English first class cricket. The annual "Cup Match" cricket tournament between rival parishes St George's in the east and Somerset in the west is the occasion for a popular national holiday. This tournament began in when Captain Moresby of the Royal Navy introduced the game to Bermuda, holding a match at Somerset to mark forty years since the unjust thraldom of slavery.

Moresby founded the Somerset Cricket Club which plays the St. George's Cricket Club in this game the membership of both clubs has long been mostly civilian. This season-ending tournament is limited to four golfers: The event returned to Bermuda in and Bermudian Quinn Talbot was once the World one-armed golf champion.

The Government announced in that it would provide substantial financial support to Bermuda's cricket and football teams. In , the Bermuda Hogges were formed as the nation's first professional football team to raise the standard of play for the Bermuda national football team.

Sailing , fishing and equestrian sports are popular with both residents and visitors alike. In , the 16th biennial Marion -Bermuda yacht race occurred. A sport unique to Bermuda is racing the Bermuda Fitted Dinghy. International One Design racing also originated in Bermuda.

At the Summer Olympics , Bermuda competed in sailing, athletics, swimming, diving, triathlon and equestrian events. In those Olympics, Bermuda's Katura Horton-Perinchief made history by becoming the first black female diver to compete in the Olympic Games.

Bermuda has had one Olympic medallist, Clarence Hill , who won a bronze medal in boxing. Patrick Singleton placed 19th, with a final time of 1: Jillian Teceira competed in the Beijing Olympics in It is tradition for Bermuda to march in the Opening Ceremony in Bermuda shorts , regardless of the summer or winter Olympic celebration. Bermuda also competes in the biennial Island Games , which it hosted in Bermuda has developed a proud rugby union community.

They previously beat The Bahamas and Mexico to take the crown. Rugby sevens is also played, with four rounds scheduled to take place in the — season. There are four clubs on the island: There is a men's and women's competition—current league champions are Police Men winning the title for the first time since the s and Renegades women's. Games are currently played at Warwick Academy. Yankee owner Frank J. Farrell was said to be so pleased with the experience that he considered moving the Yankee training camp to Bermuda permanently.

In , Bermuda established its own Basketball Association. Unlike the other territories that still remain under British rule, Bermuda does not have national healthcare. There are only a few approved healthcare providers that offer insurance to Bermudians. Bermuda uses the ICD-9 diagnostic coding system. It plans, however, to switch to the more comprehensive ICD system to align with the US which switched in , since Bermudan residents most commonly obtain overseas healthcare there.

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