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A rather large resort for the Maldives with rooms, the Ellaidhoo Maldives by Cinnamon Maldives has 24 water villas that are fantastic value as long as you don't mind having one attached neighbor. Featuring water villas in addition to beach suites and villas, the Meeru Island Resort has more overwater rooms than any other resort in the Maldives.

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Considering the price range, this resort gets extremely good reviews from previous guests. The list of things to do during the day isn't quite as long as at many other places, and the nightlife is quite mellow as well, but that actually suits many visitors to the Maldives just fine.

The house reef is very close to the beach and it's said to be one of the better reefs in the region, so this is especially good for divers and snorkelers. Featuring water villas in addition to beach suites and villas, the Meeru Island Resort has more overwater rooms than any other resort in the Maldives. Each villa is quite large, and even the smaller water villas come equipped with a private Jacuzzi in an open-air section of the suite, making them ideal for honeymooners and romantic types.

The size of the resort also means that it has a very long list of restaurants and bars, plus water activities of all types. The rates are more reasonable that it seems since they each include three meals per day for two guests, which can add up to a big savings in the Maldives.

The villas are a bit on the small side, but they are quite modern and feature some luxurious amenities, making this one of the better choices for honeymooners in the budget price range. The all-inclusive plans are popular here, and include a good list of different restaurants and bars, so variety is available to all. There is also the standard list of diving, snorkeling, other water sports, and quite a nice spa, making this a good value resort in this range.

Lovers of all things Italian should be interested in the Gangehi Island Resort, which is run by and popular with Italians. This private island resort has 16 water villas and only 40 total rooms, making it one of the smallest and most intimate resorts in all of the Maldives. There are 8 Over Water Bungalows just at the edge of the lagoon, and 8 Deluxe Over Water Bungalows that are much larger and quite a bit more expensive well out over the lagoon.

The full-board plan is most popular and prices are quite reasonable considering all that is included. The main buffet restaurant is also huge, which may be a turn-off for some, but it does help to speed service along.

Even the smallest class of water villas here come with a 2-person Jacuzzi on their private deck, and the larger categories all come with plunge pools or other amenities that put them more into the deluxe grouping. The list of water sports and other daytime activities here is long, so it could be ideal for families or groups, or even honeymoon couples looking for something at a reasonable price that offers a little exploration and fun as well.

A large overwater resort that has earned a 5-star rating, the Dhigali Maldives Resort caters with rates that can easily fit into even the tightest overwater budget. Though there are rooms on-site, only 24 of them reside over the lagoon, making it so that there is a level of added privacy. Making the rooms even more private are the exterior walls located on the back deck. In addition to the wall, you'll also find steps that lead into the water a a private pool that overlooks the ocean beyond.

Once inside each room, you'll find Wi-Fi, a TV, room service and a bedroom and bathroom that offer private views. Outside of the rooms you'll find a wide variety of restaurants providing you with ample dishes to select from, a private beach, a gym and a spa offering 12 treatment rooms and an outdoor pool. If you love the water, then you'll find that a stay here allows you plenty of time to snorkel and scuba dive.

Reviews for this resort are very good, making it seem like a great choice for those looking for a romantic escape.

With some of the largest overwater bungalows in this price range, J Resort Alidhoo offers guests spacious rooms at a great price. There are also 5 different restaurants to choose from, providing a bit of everything for guests with different tastes.

There's also a nice sized list of water sports and land activities to partake in, making this resort great for families and active guests. The resort is also great for those who want to keep in touch during their vacation. Rooms offer free Wi-Fi and there are many services around the island, helping to make the transition from daily life to vacation mode a little easier. With a selection of water villas, semi overwater villas and beach villas, the Safari Island Resort and Spa offers a bit of everything for everyone.

In total, there are only 84 rooms, great for those who are looking for a smaller resort with more privacy and seclusion. Though the resort and rooms may be on the small side, the rooms are still larger than most regular hotel rooms. Each also features a glass bottom coffee table and steps right into the lagoon from a private deck.

The smallest in the 3-hotel Cinnamon chain in the Maldives, the Cinnamon Hakuraa Huraa Maldives features 70 overwater villas and only 10 additional rooms on the island. The house reef nearby gets very high marks from scuba divers and snorkelers, with twice-daily free boat trips to the prime spots.

The restaurant here gets good marks, but it's the location itself and the staff that receive most of the raves. This is a good value resort in its price range for the Maldives. One of the smallest private islands, the Velidhu Island Resort features 20 water villas in addition to 80 beach rooms. It operates on an all-inclusive basis yet it gets very high marks for the quality and variety of food in its only restaurant, which should be a good sign to many prospective visitors.

The house reef here is also one of the best in the region making it a top choice for both scuba divers and snorkelers alike looking for a modestly priced all-inclusive resort. You won't find a swimming pool or kids' club so this is more of a traditional Maldives island resort that is best suited to couples and an older crowd.

Operating exclusively as an all-inclusive resort, the VOI Maayafushi Resort is a small Italian operated hotel that is particularity popular with the Italian crowd. There are also only 8 overwater rooms located at the very end of the island, making a great location for those looking for privacy during their visit.

The water villas are on the basic side but still include all of the amenities that you would need to enjoy your stay. If you're not looking for the best of everything, you find that this price is just right. With that said, 3 buffet meals per day are included and you'll drink beer and wine for free. There is also a great house reef next to the island, making it unnecessarily to charter a boat to another location to snorkel or scuba dive.

Anantara operates three resorts that are on neighboring islands, and the Anantara Veli is at the heart of it. Featuring 50 water villas and no other rooms, this small private-island resort has a luxury boutique feel, at prices that are surprisingly reasonable. Even the bottom class of water villas are large, and there are four different restaurants and bars available, plus a luxurious spa. Guests can also take a short boat ride to a neighboring resort to experience any of their four restaurants or other facilities, so the Anantara Veli affords guests great variety and possibilities along with an intimate size.

Thanks to special low rates that are often available, the Irufushi Beach and Spa Resort formerly the Hilton Maldives usually offers the best value water villas in the Maldives, at least in the budget price range.

There are 80 water villas that are each decked out with 5-star amenities and features, reminding guests of resorts where they'd cost twice as much. This is a large resort with 10 restaurants and bars, all the diving and water sports options, plus a huge and fancy spa. A large and popular resort where every water villa is huge, this was a favorite when it was a Hilton, and the new management seems at least as good. With a very remote location, the Medhufushi Island Resort is still simple enough to reach, and it's a popular 4-star private-island hotel.

Among its 46 water villas are two special Honeymoon Villas, which are huge, luxurious, and only accessible by a short boat ride from the island. The remaining water villas are fairly large as well, making this another good-value resort.

Though it's definitely popular with the romantic-couples crowd, the Medhufushi Island Resort offers a great number of water sports and daytime activities. The house reef is fairly shallow, so guests must take a short boat ride to the best nearby diving spots, but otherwise there are many great options plus several restaurants and a full-service spa. Specializing mostly in all-inclusive packages, the Kuredu Island Resort offers 50 water villas plus beach rooms and suites, making it one of the largest resorts in the Maldives.

This hotel is very popular with families and groups, both large and small, as it's very reasonably priced and loaded with activities and a long list of restaurants and bars.

There's even a 6-hole golf course here with a pro shop. Honeymoon couples might find more privacy elsewhere, but for a good-value 4-star holiday with almost endless water sports and other activities, this is perfect for many groups in particular. Especially popular with an Italian crowd, the Nika Island Resort is a rather small and unusual private-island hotel.

The 10 water villas are relatively new, and the 27 beach bungalows are noted for having their own little private beach out front, each with a private Jacuzzi as well. Most guests find the resort quite charming and are fond of the food as well as the house reef, but things here are a bit more basic than at most of the larger and more modern resorts so it's not an obvious choice for most visitors who aren't getting a fantastic package deal.

A haven for ocean enthusiasts, the Fushifaru Maldives Resort offers guests splendid opportunities to enjoy snorkeling and scuba diving through one of the many tour options that the resort offers. In addition, guests will also find fishing, a gym, an outdoor swimming pool, and a private beach. The overwater villas offer guests 24 hour room service, air conditioning, a mini bar, and a private outside deck that offers stunning views of the ocean.

Though this resort is more suited to couples, you'll see a few families here from time to time. A very large 5-star resort with almost rooms on-site, the Kandima Maldives Resort offers basically everything that you could want in a tropical resort.

With great reviews detailing the snorkeling, staff and food, you'll find that there are lots of choices for you and your loved one. These include a swimming pool overlooking the beach, a game room, kids club, gym, spa, snorkeling and various restaurants and bars. The 60 overwater rooms feature 24 hour room service, Wi-Fi, a coffee and tea making area, a private bathroom featuring a shower and bathtub and a private deck that offers great views of the ocean.

Packed with activities, both on land and in the sea, the Loama Resort Maldives at Maamigili is a great choice for active vacationers never wanting to sit down and relax, at least not for days on end. Here activities reign king with a large selection available from snorkeling to water sports. Water villas offer views of a lifetime with views of the reef, open ocean, beach and the island to the back. For instance, if you love the ocean, you'll find snorkeling, scuba diving, and other water activities to enjoy.

If you are interested in keeping up with your fitness regime, or at least close to it, you'll find the beachfront fitness center to your liking.

Families with young children will find that they not only get to stay for free, but eat for free as well. The overwater rooms here are winners with a private pool each, air conditioning, a walk in closet, hardwood floors, large bathrooms, a private wooden deck outfitted with sun loungers for comfortable seating, and lots of little extras like bathrobes and slippers.

In fact, the resort houses 64 overwater bungalows and 76 island villas, all with great views. Though not an all-inclusive option, they do provide half board stays that help to create a good value. There are also a large number of activities and amenities to choose from including snorkeling, scuba diving, other water activities and a luxury spa on-site. Gingham fabric is especially suitable for pulled-thread or withdrawn work because this fabric is evenly woven.

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