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That has served me well in my civilian life. I particularly liked your section dealing with dress codes; it is spot-on. I spent nine years in the business world prior to returning to active duty after , and your comments regarding dressing properly for business are right on the mark.

Prior to my return to active duty, I spent approximately five years as a Cisco consultant and trainer and to project the proper image, you had to dress for success. It is also refreshing to see a company that stresses integrity as a core business principle. Unfortunately too many businesses do not understand the importance of honest, forthright business dealings.

Although it might take a lot longer to hire the employees you seek, in the end it will save you a lot of money due to the reliability of your work force. I really appreciated your page! I am a 23 year old woman in law school and no one has ever explained professional dress to me! I still have one question: What is appropriate footwear for women? I know open toes are not acceptable but what about the back of the shoe or heel height?

And what color should stockings be? Thank you so much for the great site! Hosiery should be plain no patterns or embellishments in a color that flatters your coloring. In other words, wear a neutral color. Wear flat shoes or low pumps in conservative colors. You don't want to call undue attention to your feet! Shoes should be polished and be easy to walk in. And of course avoid dressy designs such as open toes and sling backs. The goal is to look professional, confident and competent not "sexy".

Loved your article - However there's a lot more to acceptable dress code standards from different places around the world - several of which I have personally experienced or recommended to conform to. In certain countries the neck tie is banned, because of its 'colonial era' associations, and must never be worn.

In a similar vein I've found several cultures where wearing light blue or white shirts is a definite no-no. While on assignment in one area, I didn't wear white or blue shirts for nearly two years - whether on-site or off. Overdressing is also a problem - being formal when your client is plainly very casual in their dress code won't likely lose you the contract, but it may well inhibit you getting the next piece of work unless you can 'dress-down' to a suitable degree.

However, I have found it appropriate to never participate in client 'casual Fridays', etc. Being 'overly' formal can also be interpreted as pretentious and 'out of touch' by the client.

This can be a very dangerous message to send by our dress and grooming, when we're trying to convey the impression that we are up-to-date and relevant.

It is very important to be fashion conscious, never wearing anything obviously out-of-date for the same reason. Although I have learnt the lesson of never out-dressing your client - unless they are the kind that really enjoy the competition in a friendly sense.

Your interpretation of 'Tropical Formal' is also interesting. In the South Pacific 'Tropical Formal' would often mean a plain colored shirt, with long trousers - but not always a neck tie. Sandals too would often be considered acceptable and in fact more appropriate than shoes.

May I suggest you make an addition to your dress code page. Some areas of the country during the summer desert areas run in the plus degree weather. I have an issue with an obese female employee. She wears short miniskirts, spaghetti-strapped tops, spandex leggings, and low-cut tops, revealing her huge breasts.

She looks really gross, and our customers have commented on her unprofessional attire. All of our outdoor employees have a dress code: But we have not had the need to create a dress code for office workers. What should we say and how should we breech this matter? We fear that the employee will get upset and feel that it's because of her weight "disability" she is as wide as she is tall.

It's all-about how disgusting she looks in her clothes, not the clothes themselves. What can we do? This is a serious issue that is probably best handled directly. She obviously does not have a clear understanding of generally accepted dress standards within the office environment.

Nor does she appear to realize the negative impression she makes on your clients. You may want to start by reminding her of her value as a member of your team, and then go on to advise her that through her excessively casual attire she is not presenting herself in the proper light as a professional member of the team.

Stress that she should not dress for the office in the same manner she might dress for recreational activities. Request that she wear clothing in a style that is compatible with the style worn by other office workers with her physical characteristics.

Keep the focus on dressing "professional versus casual", rather than focusing on the revealing nature of her attire. Remember, discussing the "levels of physical exposure" is a sensitive subject, even for the most seasoned HR professional. To prevent misunderstandings, the HR person should not be alone during this sensitive discussion.

A trusted female team member should be there as a witness, just in case your reprimand is taken as an assault on her "obesity" issue, which may constitute a disability. I agree with your views on all males wearing only white dress shirts, belts etc as a great attire program.

However, I honestly believe that wearing a fine powder blue or light pink shirt, especially with a white collar is totally acceptable. As a year old financial advisor, I have noticed that many younger men come in unshaven, messy hair, and with tees or long-sleeve, round-collar polo's.

The other day, a visiting executive client of mine noticed one of my fellow lawyers sitting in our computer room with a 3 day old beard, and a collarless, maroon shirt.

The guest asked me if this was a tech engineer or one of our financial advisors! I was disappointed and shocked at the sight of my associate's slovenly appearance. Although we work in mid-town Manhattan, Casual Fridays has infected the rest of the work week. How do you suggest we communicate a dress-code to all men and women in our office, without insulting anyone? To be effective, any dress code needs clear guidelines and absolute enforcement.

If HR can provide humorous illustrations of violations, that is a great way to communicate the dress code requirements. As to enforcement, violators should be sent home to change, discretely and immediately. I love your online course about the real international dress code requirements. Hm, it could be a new Oracle error code? Error in dress code. The personal performance is very bad and cannot run acceptable in the environment of a customer.

Early in the morning let run a daily job to check up the mirror image and use your personal tuning tool kit. I write regarding the page on your web site regarding dress codes: Firstly, if such suggestions were made in Europe, even as light-heartedly as this, you would have the human-rights squad on your neck like a ton of muesli!

Secondly, the style you suggest walking in to a UK boardroom would have people worried: Only a white shirt? I am not suggesting I would prefer to see a pale cream suit, open shirt and medallions heaven forfend , but I do suggest you hire an Italian or French couturier and get some fashion sense in to your code.

Looking like a missionary, or something out of the late fifties, would lose my trade quicker than anything else. The only dress code I have ever imposed on my staff is simple: Clean pressed shirt, a tie, formal trousers and proper shoes for the men lounge suit on occasions outside the office , and neat clothing for the ladies; that is as far as you may go legally. If you had bothered to read the page, you would have noted that this dress code is required by or clients, not us.

What, are you a communist? Here in the free world, employers have an absolute right to make their employees dress as they see fit.

You think that wearing a well-tailored suit, polished shoes and a white shirt make you look like a missionary? Here is the USA, we have the freedom to hire and fire people for any reason. I just came across your article, while researching on the proper attire to wear to work. I recently received a job in the IT department of digital photography lab and was wondering what would be appropriate to wear.

A friend of mine had sent me this article , and I thought that it could be an interesting addition to your website.

I thought it would be a light-hearted way to talk about dress codes. Anyway, thanks for all of the advice, and Happy New Year! A Burleson review of the linked article yields the following notes of interest: The study of office workers, by Intermedia.

One interesting finding from the study was that IT staff are more likely to wear an expensive suit than a cheap one. Burleson is the American Team Note: This Oracle documentation was created as a support and Oracle training reference for use by our DBA performance tuning consulting professionals.

Feel free to ask questions on our Oracle forum. Anyone considering using the services of an Oracle support expert should independently investigate their credentials and experience, and not rely on advertisements and self-proclaimed expertise. All legitimate Oracle experts publish their Oracle qualifications. Oracle technology is changing and we strive to update our BC Oracle support information.

If you find an error or have a suggestion for improving our content, we would appreciate your feedback. All rights reserved by Burleson. Remote Emergency Support provided by Conversational. Burleson First impressions count. Dress Codes are protected by law Remember, employers in the USA have a legal right to ask you to adhere to dress codes: Prejudice still exists within corporate America about tattoos in their dress codes, and there is a clear correlation between income, education and the population who have tattoos.

It's no surprise that tattoos are more popular among the poor and undereducated. Dress Code for Male Consultants: Body Art - Of course our dress code prohibits tattoos. They can be seen as unprofessional, low-class and ignorant , and at no time may a consultant have a visible tattoo. Read details about why most corporations prohibit tattoos. Shirt - A crisp white shirt is always required. French cuffs are optional.

I have seen consultants turned away at the door of banks because of their hot pink dress shirt. Tie - Must be conservative, something a bank VP might wear.

Shoes - High quality black lace-up shoes are required, polished to a mirror quality spit-shine. You would be surprised at how many people judge you by your shoes. See footwear details below. Accessories - No phony Rolexes, body piercing or earrings. Grooming - All hair, moustaches and beards must be neatly groomed and cologne must be used sparingly. Protruding nasal hair is prohibited, and all tattoos must be fully hidden.

If you have been working all night and have an early morning meeting, you can use an anti-inflammatory hemorrhoid cream e. Preparation H to quickly shrink those unsightly puffy bags under your eyes.

Just carefully dab the roid cream on your lower eyelids being careful not to get any in your eyes and you will look fresh and well-rested. Cologne - Cologne and after-shave are optional, but if used, it must not be so strong as to call attention to yourself in a closed elevator. D ress Code for Female Consultants: Skirt Suit - No pants allowed, ever. The suit must be dark blue, gray or charcoal.

Blouse - A crisp white blouse is great, and you may have ruffles and other decorations. Tie - Optional, but it must be conservative. Shoes - High quality black or brown shoes are required, polished to a high shine. Leave the Zircons at home; most people can recognize them instantly. Cosmetics - Do not use the ski-slope approach to cosmetics that's 3-inches of powder on top of a 6-inch base.

Use no "cheap" perfumes and make sure that you do not offend people with allergies with too much perfume odor. Co-workers can sue your employer and you if your perfume is too strong.

Grooming - All hair must be neatly groomed. Females with facial hair are required to shave before any on-site engagements. You should always shave legs and exposed armpits. Perfume - Too much perfume is considered especially heinous when the stench is so strong as to cause allergic reactions or when the odor can be detected from more than 3 feet away. Remember, the quality of perfume is directly proportional to the price, and many female executives can quickly tell if you are wearing a cheap, "stink pretty" perfume.

While this may seem overstated, a professional appearance is an absolute requirement for Burleson Consulting. Casual Dress Code Requirements When the client specifically requests that you dress down , the following dress code applies: Tropical Dress Code When consulting for clientele in tropical areas, Burleson Consulting requires our professionals wear ties and dress clothes.

Male Professional Footwear Dress Code You would be surprised how many people will judge you by the quality of your shoes and how you maintain them.

All professional shoes must be low cut lace-up shoes with a fine leather grain capable of being polished to a mirror finish. Business casual shirts are less formal than dress shirts. They come in playful colors such as yellow, teal, or pink, and you can choose from a wide range of patterns to be more stylish and contemporary. Many are made of no-iron fabrics, making them easy to care for.

Since a lot of offices are business casual, these are a safe choice for most. Elastic headbands gently wrap around baby's head. Ruffles or scrunched patterns create both casual and formal looks. A bow or other decorative ornament added to the band itself produces a fashionable piece that dresses up any outfit. Unlisted by Kenneth Cole.

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