Opt for raw selvedge denim, or select jeans that have a hint of stretch. Low cut, mid-rise, high-waisted--you will find all of your personal preferences, including great petite and plus-size denim as .

Top Jeans Brands In India. Latest Tops For Women.

Five women with very different body types try on 10 different pairs jeans to find the best styles.
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Opt for raw selvedge denim, or select jeans that have a hint of stretch. Low cut, mid-rise, high-waisted--you will find all of your personal preferences, including great petite and plus-size denim as .

Try out this newest fashion jeans. Like cigarette, it is straight and narrow and does not widen at the ankles. If you want comfy jeans which are not skinny and flattering then this will be the best choice. It has a straight cut which balances the hip, thus it will look good curvy girls.

Top Jeans Brands In India. These jeans look good on all body shapes as it makes the look streamline and make the wearer look long. It is loose at the leg and is wide enough at the leg opening. Though the wide opening makes the look disfigured but looks good. Pairing the boot cut with high hills will clearly distinguish the wide opening.

The flare ladies jeans have a wide, flared opening from knees to toe. The thighs are tightly fit so that the flare down can be clearly seen. You can wear turtleneck sweater and take a trip back to old days. It has no fitting anywhere at all. The wearer can pair it with fitted tops to look gorgeous.

The trendiest jeans nowadays are skinny jeans , it looks good on slim and lean shapes. It is a tight jean which fits your leg snugly. If you have a wide hip then think before getting these jeans. You can pair it with any types of top and footwears, everything will make you look stunning.

You can wear it with confidence if you have toned and pretty legs to flaunt. In this jean, the length of the jean is just above the calf or on the calf.

If you are not comfortable with this length then you can increase the length a little more but not too much otherwise it will look like cropped jeans. The cropped jeans cover a total three-fourth portion of your leg which makes your leg look longer and leaner.

It will look stunning when you will pair it with high heels. Latest Tops For Women. A cuff is not always made at the hands but can also make on your legs. This cuffed jean is folded down and has the same length as cropped and capri jeans. It will look good on who has lean ankles and not thick ankles otherwise this will make the ankles look thicker. To make the look of your leg slimmer pair it with heels and go classy.

Shorts is a modern way to wear jeans, and its length is above the knees. Some short pants are very short and some length to half of your thighs. They are also known as hot pants. It will give a perfect chance to flaunt your leg. They have some fringes down which gives a look that it was cut off from the full-length jeans. It makes the wearer look stunning. As the name suggests washed, the jeans give the looks of washed jeans but it is not washed instead during manufacturing process it gives the look of worn out.

There are different types of washes which give different look. This jean is an acid wash and gives that look. It looks good and is inspired to keep it as the best jean for women. Jeans get ripped due to over wearing and were prior associated with working class but this working-class look became the favourite among many. It gives a very smart look to the wearer. Prints look beautiful whether it is saree, suit or jeans.

They are printed on all types of jeans which can be worn by all. Printed jeans have beautiful prints like polka dots, flowers, stars or any other prints. They make the look more pretty and the wearer can pair it up with matching coloured tops. Pick these modern fashion jeans. On rough and tough jeans embroidery is done which is durable too like jeans. Embroidery beautifies the look of jeans. Pretty designs are made on jeans with different looks like it can be done on only one side and the other side is plane or only limited to the pockets or only till the length of thighs.

Different colours and artistic embroidery makes the jeans to stand at a higher level. The patching of rag type cloth is done to give it a cool look. Geometrical shapes are made by patching on jeans. If you want a very fashionable look then you can go for patch work of flowers, stars, candy and others.

They all look pretty and you can even match it with the same patch worked design top. It gives a very funky look. The overall jeans were also worn by workers in old times, even today at some places people wear it.

The overall has straps to hold your jeans and a front covering. A good choice if you have fleshy or wide hips. Lower rises will only create extra love handles on your shape, pushing up any amount of fat you have - while a mid-rise holds on to them and tucks them. High Rise Fits at your natural waistline. Looks great with a tucked-in blouse. If you have a thick or short waist, add a skinny belt to define your waist and pick high waist jeans in dark wash and pair them up with a dark top as well for a lean upper body.

Boyfriend Jeans Loose and Comfy It has a tight fit around your butt but slightly loose and relaxed at the leg. Their loose, baggy cut makes them look like you took them straight out of your boyfriend's wardrobe.

Looks good on thicker legs and thighs and not mention if you want a laid-back look. Click here to shop and learn more about boyfriend jeans. Via National Jean Company. If you're a bit hesitant of skinnies but still want to wear a pair of jeans that fit snugly on your body, these will do good.

They're particularly a good option for curvy gals who don't want to go completely out there with skinnys - the straight leg cut balances out the hips. Boot Cut Jeans Popular Sit loose through the leg and wide at the leg opening.

This cut look good on all body shapes because it streamlines your body frame, making it look long and lean. However, it may not be the best option if you're average built not skinny nor plus size Petite - because the slightly wide leg opening tends to swallow up your body frame. See how it works for you - if it overpowers your silohuette then opt for straight leg. Feature a wide, flared opening from your knees and down. For a chic 70's look, pair them up with a fitted turtleneck sweater.

Wide Leg Jeans Trés chic Feature wide opening from your thighs and down. Looks awesome with a fitted top or shirt. Want to shop wide leg jeans? Click here Need free fashion advice on how to buy and wear wide leg jeans? Then click here Unfortunately, they're not the best match if you're short. However, if that's your case then add an inch or two to your footwear - and look for the skinniest and fitted wide leg jeans you can find.

Looks pretty good on slim and lean shapes, but can be worn by anyone as long as they style them in conjunction with the shape of their clothes. Capri Jeans Perfect for summer Hemline is just below your knee - often right above or on the calf.

Click here to shop and learn more about womens capri pants. Cropped Jeans Trendy Covers three-fourths of your legs. They look stunning with a pair of high heels. Cropped jeans can make your legs look longer and leaner - just make sure they extend down to above the thinnest part of your ankles and somewhere below your mid-calf. Also, this leg cut should never flare at the hem unless you're going to wear them at home. Cuffed Jeans Stylish Have the same length as shorts, cropped or capri but refer to jeans that is folded at the leg opening.

If you have thick ankles take extra precautions as details like folds can make them look bigger. Too big cuffs can also drag down a petite's body frame. Pair the cuff jeans with heels for a maximum leg slimming effect. Dark Wash Jeans Classic and Versatile A deep indigo color which is quite versatile and makes it easy to combine with all colors and clothes. They can also be worn for casual office settings. They slim down and make your legs look longer.

I advise any fashionista to secure at least 2 pair of dark wash jeans to ward off laundry days. Light Blue Jeans Stylish Have either a sunbleached or light-dye look. Looks awesome with romantic blouses and even tees for a summer fresh look. This serves a different vibe than the dark wash - frehs, young and airy - which is very much appreciated after months of snow and grey skies.

Black Jeans Classic and slimming on all shapes Black jeans slim your legs and can be worn by curvy gals.

7. Ladies Jeans Bootcut Style: This ladies’ jeans were a fashion mark in old times in 70’s and 80’s, you must have seen them in movies. These jeans look good on all body shapes as it makes the look streamline and make the wearer look long. It is loose at the leg and is wide enough at the leg opening. If you don’t actually want to hassle with finding the right vintage fit, the next best thing would be a vintage-y style and wash, like this pair of cropped boot-cut jeans. Five women with very different body types try on 10 different pairs jeans to find the best styles.