The best shower curtains on Amazon including solid, polka dot, printed, striped, and patterned options as well as textured, ruffled, and waffle knit ones from brands like Maytex, Aimjerry, & Lush Decor. Also includes the best shower curtain liners.

Brand Sharp Shirter Model pending Weight If you wipe the product with a damp cloth, it will be as good as new. If you have a clawfoot or stand-alone tub, you might need two curtains and liners. Leaving it this way causes it to hold in moisture, slows the drying process, and increases the risk of mold and mildew forming. Perfect for outdoors enthusiasts, the handsome Realtree Camouflaged will transport you to the forest every time you rinse off.

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Though it's tempting to default to using a plain shower curtain, sometimes playing it safe only succeeds in making your bathroom look totally dull. You have license to have a little more fun with your bath decor, so invigorate this small space with these 15 fabric shower curtains.
Switching out your shower curtain is a simple way to instantly upgrade your bathroom Save 70% or More · Top Design and Selection · Top Brands & Top Quality · Curated CollectionStyles: Modern, Traditional, Contemporary, Rustic, Industrial, Mid-Century.
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The best shower curtains on Amazon including solid, polka dot, printed, striped, and patterned options as well as textured, ruffled, and waffle knit ones from brands like Maytex, Aimjerry, & Lush Decor. Also includes the best shower curtain liners.

To get an idea of what makes a good shower curtain—including how to care for them and how to account for subjective design issues—we spoke to three experts: Schwartz Design in Boston. We also combed through a bunch of buying guides, fabric resources, and customer reviews to identify some of the basic requirements, as well as a few dealbreakers.

Everyone who does not have a glass-enclosed or doored shower needs, at the very least, a shower curtain liner. People sometimes get confused about the difference between a liner and a curtain. A polyester or vinyl liner, which sits inside the tub, is absolutely necessary to prevent water from leaking into or spraying all over your bathroom. A shower curtain , which sits outside the tub, makes your bathroom look more polished than it would with a liner alone.

If you have a clawfoot or stand-alone tub, you might need two curtains and liners. The curtain and liner should trace completely around the outside and inside of the tub, respectively. The first measure of a good shower curtain is whether you like the way it looks in your bathroom. We focused on standard-size shower curtains, which tend to measure about 72 by 72 inches. Other sizes typically fall into the long 72 by 84 inches or extra long 72 by 96 inches or larger category; a standard shower measures around 72 by 54 inches.

While all shower curtain fabrics are susceptible to mold and mildew, vinyl really needs manual scrubbing to remove built-up soap scum and mildew. Most shower curtains have 12 button-hole slits along the top of the fabric for attaching the hooks that hang from the rod. Some curtains have small plastic or metal grommets in place of those holes to reinforce the fabric and protect against tearing.

To find the best curtains to test, we scoured online retailers for the most popular and best-selling shower curtains that came in neutral and solid color options. We looked at more than 30 different curtains, comparing prices, owner reviews, availability, and fabric type, and we eventually winnowed our list down to seven contenders:.

To test, we measured the precise height and width of each curtain to check for any deviation from the advertised sizes. We then ran each curtain through the laundry three times warm water and tumble dry. We did a second measurement to check for shrinkage. We then hung the curtains to assess factors such as ease of use and appearance. We also looked closely at the fabric of each curtain to check for snags, fraying, rusting grommets, or any other signs of wear and tear. We subjected our top pick to an extra abrasion test by running a steak knife across the fabric more than 50 times, after which I had my cat cling to the curtain while I dragged him around the kitchen.

The material is also extremely durable. The Threshold Waffle Weave curtain in white will look great in any bathroom with a white-trim, pastel, or solid-color scheme—in other words, the vast majority of interiors. In addition, the Threshold Waffle Weave held up nicely in our durability test. After combing it with a steak knife, letting my cat claw into the fabric, and washing it three times, I found only a single, 1-centimeter-long snag.

If you do find snags, Target has a free return policy , including replacements of defective items—though only unused items. Every curtain we tested shrank somewhat after three runs through a washing machine and dryer even the polyester ones , but the Threshold Waffle Weave curtain showed negligible shrinkage. We performed precise before-and-after measurements and recorded shrinkage of 1.

Some Target customer reviews claim shrinkage of up to 6 inches, which may be due to unique flaws or manufacturing issues. An effective shower curtain liner should keep this curtain from getting wet.

Keep an eye out for mildew, and wash and dry the curtain frequently ideally, once a month. While Target retails this curtain as a stand-alone pattern, it is one of dozens of similarly priced, similarly made Threshold shower curtains.

The material did feel a bit lighter than the other cotton contenders, especially compared with the Threshold Waffle Weave curtain. Some customer reviews on Target complain about the color of the stripe pattern.

Almost all the negative reviews claim that the stripe is more of a taupe or light brown, rather than the advertised gray and white stripe. The brand makes our favorite budget sateen sheets and budget flannel sheets.

The curtain is embedded with large metal grommets that are designed to slip right over your curtain rod. Airbnb hosts may also appreciate being able to skip the tedious process of constantly attaching and reattaching those annoying little hooks.

The material feels pretty soft for a polyester fabric—more so than the other polyester curtains we tested. It even has a subtle waffle-weave texture, which is visually more interesting than a straight sheet of fabric. You do get plenty of color options including white to match any bathroom, but they all pretty much iterate on the same two or three patterns a border-stripe option, and a solid-color waffle-weave option.

This version has a polyester liner, but if you buy a different Hookless design, note what the liner material is. The playful Sharp Shirter Sloth Jaws Movie is a wonderfully quirky option certain to bring a smile to the face of visitors. And, if this specific image doesn't do it for you, fear not: Can also be used as a liner Money-back guarantee Fits most standard tubs and showers.

Brand Sharp Shirter Model pending Weight Bacova Guild La Mer. The calming Bacova Guild La Mer will make you feel like you live right on the beach thanks to its attractive nautical theme, which includes images of shells and bubbles.

Varying shades of green and blue combine to create a sophisticated piece. Simple to clean and maintain Coordinating accessories available Thin material can tear easily. Brand Bacova Guild Model Weight 0.

If you simply can't get enough of the mid-century trend, you'll love the retro-cool Maytex Squares. The design is fun and funky without being garish. Additionally, instead of a high-shine finish, this choice has a soft, matte appearance. Colors are bright and inviting Doesn't hold wrinkles Affordably priced. Chunyi Digital Printed Sea Turtle. Animal-lovers will appreciate the Chunyi Digital Printed Sea Turtle, with its impressively crisp tropical sea life scene.

This option is manufactured using environmentally-friendly materials, so you can feel good about your purchase. Four other designs available Keeps heat inside shower area Resists mildew growth. Maytex Dragonfly Semi Sheer. The Maytex Dragonfly Semi Sheer offers a simple way to bring tranquility to the restroom, with its charming garden-inspired print. This item won't overwhelm the rest of your decor, though it may garner compliments from guests. Made from polyester Fabric is lightweight Tones are soothing.

LanMeng Peacock Feathers Watercolor. This one features an image made up of beautifully fluid shapes and colors. And, at 78 inches in length, it can accommodate slightly larger showers. Durable grommets Metal pieces won't rust Safe for the washing machine.

Brand LanMeng Model pending Weight Get back to nature with the Creatov Design Tree. This option is constructed from a waterproof material that fights mold build-up, ensuring your bathroom always looks its best.

Plus, rings are included for quick and easy installation. High quality graphic 70 inches by 70 inches Non-pvc polyester.

The Best Shower Curtain The best shower curtain for most bathrooms. A good curtain with a subtle pattern. If you’d prefer a curtain with a neutral stripe pattern, An all-in-one option. The large grommets on this curtain fit quickly and easily around any curtain An affordable, washable shower liner. The best shower curtain for most bathrooms This shower curtain will fit in with any neutral, white-forward bathroom. It’s affordable, machine-washable, reinforced with metal grommets, and made from a durable cotton/polyester waffle weave. The shower curtain is a key part of your bathroom's decor. These are the best shower curtains you can buy to dress up your bathroom.