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Teacher's Clubhouse offers 3rd grade reading activities that correlate with the Houghton Mifflin reading series, including vocabulary booklets, story review pages, comprehension tests, and word sorts.
I also send the Houghton Mifflin words for each week home on the first page of my homework packet. I added the
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I am trying to create a program as a tutorial for myself for hashmaps. I ask the user into text and try to split it into hashmaps and then increase the count if the word repeats.

The following is one of several "perfect" nine-squares all words in major dictionaries, uncapitalized, and unpunctuated: A square is naturally much harder to find, and a "perfect" square has been hunted since Since , squares have been constructed from reduplicated words and phrases like "Alala!

Each such square contains five words appearing twice, which in effect constitutes four identical 5-squares. Darryl Francis and Dmitri Borgmann succeeded in using near-tautonyms second- and third-order reduplication to employ seven different entries by pairing " orangutang " with "urangutang" and "ranga-ranga" with "tanga-tanga", as follows: However, "word researchers have always regarded the tautonymic ten-square as an unsatisfactory solution to the problem.

In , Frank Rubin produced an incomplete ten-square containing two nonsense phrases at the top and eight dictionary words. From the s, Jeff Grant had a long history of producing well-built squares; concentrating on the ten-square from to , he produced the first three traditional ten-squares by relying on reasonable coinages such as "Sol Springs" various extant people named Sol Spring and "ses tunnels" French for "its tunnels".

His continuing work produced one of the best of this genre, making use of "impolarity" found on the Internet and the plural of "Tony Nader" found in the white pages , as well as words verified in more traditional references:. By combining common first and last names and verifying the results in white-pages listings, Steve Root of Westboro, Massachusetts , was able to document the existence of all ten names below total number of people found is listed after each line:.

Around , Rex Gooch of Letchworth, England , analyzed available wordlists and computing requirements and compiled one or two hundred specialized dictionaries and indexes to provide a reasonably strong vocabulary.

In Word Ways in August and November , he published several squares found in this wordlist. The square below has been held by some word square experts as essentially solving the square problem Daily Mail , The Times , while others anticipate higher-quality squares in the future. There are a few "imperfections": Many new large word squares and new species [ clarification needed ] have arisen recently.

However, modern combinatorics has demonstrated why the square has taken so long to find, and why squares are extremely unlikely to be constructible using English words even including transliterated place names. However, squares are possible if words from a number of languages are allowed Word Ways , August and May It is possible to estimate the degree of difficulty of constructing word squares.

Roughly, for each step upwards, one needs four times the number of words. For a 9-square, one needs over 60, 9-letter words, which is practically all of those in single very large dictionaries.

For large squares, the vocabulary prevents selecting more "desirable" words i. The opposite problem occurs with small squares: In such cases finding a word square with "desirable" as described above words is performed by elimination of the more exotic words or by using a smaller dictionary with only common words. Smaller word squares, used for amusement, are expected to have simple solutions, especially if set as a task for children; but vocabulary in most eight-squares tests the knowledge of an educated adult.

Word squares that form different words across and down are known as "double word squares". The rows and columns of any double word square can be transposed to form another valid square. For example, the order 4 square above may also be written as:. Double word squares are somewhat more difficult to find than ordinary word squares, with the largest known fully legitimate English examples dictionary words only being of order 8.

Jeff Grant's example in the February Word Ways is an improvement, having just two proper nouns "Aloisias", a plural of the personal name Aloisia, a feminine form of Aloysius, and "Thamnata", a Biblical place-name:. Diagonal word squares are word squares in which the main diagonals are also words.

There are four diagonals: In a Single Diagonal Square same words reading across and down , these last two will need to be identical and palindromic because of symmetry.

The 8-square is the largest found with all diagonals: We offer a variety of academic and extra-curricular programs. Arndt website details many of these outstanding opportunities. Order before the price goes up on October Purchase your yearbook online directions. Purchase an ad for our yearbook directions. Design your ad for our yearbook directions.

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Hm is worth 7 points in Scrabble, and 7 points in Words with Friends. There are 2 letters in hm: H M Words that start with hm. Words that contain hm. Words that end with hm. hm is a valid word in this word list. For a definition, see the external dictionary links below. For a definition, see the external dictionary links below. The word "hm" uses 2 letters: H M. A list of words that contain Hm, and words with hm in them. This page brings back any words that contain the word or letter you enter from a large scrabble dictionary. This page brings back any words that contain the word or letter you enter from a large scrabble dictionary.